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The origins of Varsity Investment Group date back to CleanSweep Cable, a cable auditing firm created to assist telecommunication providers in ensuring their network’s integrity, which ultimately spawned multiple successful ventures far from the humble beginnings of climbing telephone poles. The Varsity name has become a leader in a wide range of industries ranging from full spectrum housing to leading-edge senior care, all of which share the common legacy and entrepreneurial spirit that started over twenty years ago.


Varsity Investment Group is a multifaceted private investment firm focused on building technology-driven companies that are spurring innovation in chronic & senior care, introducing novel approaches to the entire continuum of housing, including student, active adult, and market rate, driving actionable intelligence in customer engagement through data analysis of consumer feedback. Based in downtown Bethesda, the firm has access to extensive operating resources and industrial expertise via a network of individuals and firms that the team at Varsity has built and cultivated over its twenty-year history.

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Our team has the flexibility and expertise to complete buyout transactions or growth investments, applying a tailored approach that best suits the needs of our partners. Varsity’s hands-on approach ensures that all its investments reach their maximum revenue potential.


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