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Varsity Investment Group leverages its deep experience across multiple sectors along with shared insights from key industry partners when forecasting the potential for future investments


Every investment is a partnership. From the employees to the customers that they serve, the Varsity team looks to these parties as essential stakeholders in making each investment a success.


Varsity Investment Group has a well-established history of successfully identifying and executing investment opportunities across multiple sectors


Varsity Investment Group

The origins of Varsity Investment Group date back to CleanSweep Cable, a cable auditing firm created to assist telecommunication providers in ensuring their network’s integrity, which ultimately spawned multiple successful ventures far from the humble beginnings of climbing telephone poles. The Varsity name has become a leader in a wide range of industries ranging from full spectrum housing to leading-edge senior care, all of which share the common legacy and entrepreneurial spirit that started over twenty years ago.

What We Do

Real Estate – Full Spectrum Living

Real estate development has been an integral part of Varsity’s history, including the origins


While researching the senior housing sector to ensure residents would have all the

Private Equity

Varsity Investment Group has been a strategic investor in Merchant Centric since


Varsity Ann Arbor

Varsity College Park

Varsity Berkeley

Varsity on K


We actively invest across multiple industry sectors driving these assets to become market leaders within their space while building long-term sustainable value. Our focus remains on high-growth opportunities.

White Roof

White is the new green. The Varsity at College Park sports more than 60,000 square feet of energy efficient white thermoplastic polyolefin roofing. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group notes that a white roof can reduce energy usage by more than 20 percent during warm months.

Green Roof

Perched high atop the Varsity@UB is nearly 13,000 square feet of a colorful planted sedum mix. Storm water run-off is reduced by 90 percent on what was once a complete impervious asphalt lot. In addition, the green roof creates a microclimate by cooling and humidifying the surrounding air.

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse is a powerful alternative to building demolition or destruction and can deliver a range of economic, social and environmental benefits. Varsity Investment Group has successfully transformed three aging structures from a 1980’s vintage office, 1980’s hotel, and a 1930’s boarding house into vibrant communities that offer amenity rich living with state-of-the-art conveniences all while retaining their original character and charm.

Recycling Program

Every Varsity owned or operated building participates in its refuse recycling programs. This systematically reduces waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, and prevents pollution. The success of this program works thanks to the participation and dedication of the Varsity residents.


Green isn’t just a buzzword. Varsity Investment Group sees it as their civic responsibility. Their commitment begins before the first construction document has been drawn and continues well after the last resident has moved in. They employ a variety of strategies beginning with the design of LEED scored buildings all the way through to the management of recycling programs for its residents. 

Our Team

Varsity Senior Leadership Team

As Managing Member of Varsity Investment Group, Donnie Gross oversees the day-to-day operations of Varsity’s various interests. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Gross has The company has more than 3,000 rental beds constructed, in the pipeline or under construction throughout the United States with projects that range from urban high-rise to mixed-use residential with ground floor retail.
Mr. Gross created the Varsity Investment Group, formerly known as Potomac Holdings,


Donnie Gross

Managing Member

With over 35 years in the accounting industry, Chief Financial Officer Matthew Connolly brings unparalleled experience to his position at Varsity Investment Group. As Principal and CFO, he is responsible for the Company’s financial and accounting philosophies. As Chief Financial Officer, he maintains strategic banking relationships and has a focal role in raising capital for future developments. Additionally, Mr. Connolly along with Mr. Gross sold TLK Group, a national call center with Fortune 500 clients, to the Results Companies, an international provider of customer management experience providers.

Matthew Connolly

Chief Financial Officer


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