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Real estate development has been an integral part of Varsity’s history, including the origins of the company’s name. The firm is considered one of the nation’s most well-respected real estate developers in the United States. Varsity redefined the concept of student housing when it opened its first Varsity development at the University of Maryland. Since then, the team has built Varsity communities at college campuses across the country and, in doing so, has set the standard for unparalleled living experiences for college students while activating and energizing the communities around them.

Besides redefining the student housing landscape, Varsity has become a pioneer in repositioning commercial buildings into residential communities. The team was one of the first development firms to popularize the concept of converting underperforming commercial assets. Kathy Orton penned an article in the Washington Post on Varsity for its conversion of a ten-story office tower into a bustling 187-unit community that overlooks the District of Columbia.

On the other end of the spectrum sits Varsity’s newest development focus, active adult living. The team saw an underserved segment of the aging population looking for a rental option without the traditional large deposit associated with retirement communities. Varsity has created a robust planned concept that will allow seniors the freedom and flexibility of single-family living or the convenience of having it all under one roof. Varsity’s gated community concept offers seniors a variety of right-sized living options that fits their needs for today and tomorrow. In addition to its concentration within multiple specialized verticals, Varsity also develops market-rate communities and mixed-use and retail centers across the continental United States. The team’s best-in-class approach has translated to some of the largest dispositions within their given verticals with various publicly traded real estate investment trusts, pension funds, and global investment firms.
Real Estate – Full Spectrum Living

Real estate development has been an integral part of Varsity’s history, including the origins


While researching the senior housing sector to ensure residents would have all the

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Varsity Investment Group has been a strategic investor in Merchant Centric since


While researching the senior housing sector to ensure residents would have all the conveniences and amenities that would allow them to live their best lives, the Varsity team realized that many of the associated services catering to seniors needed to be improved in some regard. Since that realization, Varsity has begun strategically acquiring or investing in various senior and chronic care services and facilities.

Varsity Care Adult Health Services’ mission is to address the three prevailing challenges our aging population regularly struggles with, including isolation, transportation, and nutrition. Varsity Care is strategically acquiring existing adult daycare facilities to develop a network of wholly owned centers that offers seniors a community of their peers that supports their health, diet, and daily needs in a friendly and nurturing setting. Varsity Care is also building a fleet of non-emergency medical vehicles to aid seniors in their transportation needs. The third prong of Varsity Care’s business is a prepared meal delivery service that allows seniors to have freshly made nutritious meals delivered to their homes daily. Varsity Investment Group’s other entry into the healthcare space is CareTalk Health, a technology-driven platform bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and their patients. CareTalk’s novel approach to remote patient care focuses on chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and osteoarthritis. According to the CDC, treating patients with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of our nation’s healthcare costs. As the American population ages, there is a need for new patient tracking and interaction methods. The CareTalk platform allows professionals to monitor and manage care from a distance while the patient is in the comfort of their home. One of the primary benefits of remote chronic care management is increased accessibility for patients. By utilizing telemedicine technologies, patients can easily communicate with their healthcare team, receive virtual consultations, and track their progress. This eliminates the need for long trips to the doctor’s office and reduces the burden on patients who may struggle with mobility issues. Remote chronic care management also offers a more comprehensive approach to care. With real-time access to patient data and the ability to closely monitor their conditions, healthcare professionals can more effectively manage their patient’s conditions and ensure they receive the proper care at the right time. This leads to improved patient outcomes and can even reduce the risk of complications and hospitalization.


Varsity Investment Group has been a strategic investor in Merchant Centric since its inception. Merchant Centric is a technology and marketing provider that serves franchises, chains and corporations by empowering chief-level executives with insights that drive revenue.

With the use of proprietary data and technology, combined with data analytics and intelligence, Merchant Centric offers customized DAaaS (Data Analytics as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. These solutions identify what strategies and actions will increase revenue, as well as provide an enterprise-class platform to implement and monitor those actions.

Merchant Centric also helps companies increase revenue by providing full-service marketing solutions that strengthen and defend brands at the location level. Services include business listing optimization, competitive intelligence, and online reputation management.


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